As a brand it is important to build a positive relationship with your target audience. You want to reach them with a clear message and strong content so that you can leave an unforgettable impression. A brand or a company must be clear about who they are and what they do, but also about what they would like to bring to the table compared to their competitors. During our brand strategy sessions, we create your own Brand Passport together with our brand strategists. We do this using various tools, so that afterwards you have a clear overview of who you are and what you stand for as a brand. This Brand Passport can be used as the starting point for creating strong and relevant content. Based on this, we make a creative translation into an effective visual brand strategy. We create the right look and feel in the form of image, text and tone of voice and we translate this into your website, social media channels and other communication means.


A beautiful glass of wine that feels like a ray of sunshine! The French rosé brand “La Nuit Tout Les Chats Sont Gris”, whose vineyard dates back to 1929, wanted to enter the Dutch market. To take this step, Teun and John, the initiators, had the desire to clearly define the brand identity and to create consistent content and images based on a clear defined brand identity.

We were allowed to guide this brand in drawing up a Brand Passport and in making various choices regarding the definition of their brand identity. How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors? And how to translate this to your brand personality? What is the tone of voice and the audience we are going to target? After creating a Brand Passport we have set up the social media channels for the client based on this passport. We are still managing the content channels of ‘La Nuit Tout Les Chats Sont Gris’ while we hold on to the clear defined brand identity. Moreover, during our creative sessions we came up with a suitable pay-off: the rosé that brings the sunshine in your heart and the sunshine in your mind! The Brand Passport is also the ideal tool to use as a basis when looking for the ideal match of brand ambassadors, influencers and for collaborations with media partners. It provides direction to make right and consistent choices that fit the brand seamlessly!

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A starting entrepreneur with great ambitions! That’s Hurdes Gol, the owner of FG Clinic. One thing was clear to her when she started her new adventure with FG Clinic: building a strong brand is a must. She was not only looking for a clear description of the brand’s identity, but also wanted to understand how to convey her key aspirations: to push the norm in the beauty care industry. In a strategy session, together with Hurdes, we helped to define the mission (to help women become the best version of themselves) and the goals of the company.

In addition, we looked at how FG Clinic compares to competitors in the Dutch market and how they distinguish themselves from other beauty concepts. The next step was to create a Brand Passport, in which we explored the brand identity into detail. From the brand promise, the value proposition and the brand personality to a suitable pay-off. We additionally used the Brand Passport as a starting point to make a creative translation to the visual identity: from the color palettes to the logo and from the website format to content creation. All with the idea that you only get one chance to make a good first impression!

Friends of the Brands listen very carefully to the wishes of the customer and they do everything they can to deliver top quality! They do thorough research and pulled out all stops to draw up a Brand Passport that translated my vision for FG Clinic perfectly. I definitely made the right decision to work with them.

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Aesthetic Solutions is a successful exclusive distributor of a complete range of innovative medical slimming, anti-aging and depigmentation products in the Benelux. The range is designed for dermatologists, skin therapists and aesthetic physicians. With an individual brand strategy (different brand names) the range is offered to specific target groups. After 10 years of building the various brands very successfully, the desire now is to make the corporate brand Aesthetic Solutions stronger and better known. It was also important to communicate unambiguously from within the corporate brand in text, content and images.

The starting point: a brand strategy session. Together with the Aesthetic Solutions team, we looked at where the company stands now and what they would like to achieve with the corporate brand in two years time. What do they want their target audiences to think about the company? Subsequently, the brand promise was examined and was translated into a Brand Passport. In addition, choices have been made regarding the characteristics of the brand based on this Brand Passport and how this translates into e.g. a website, an Instagram page, use of color, text and video content. The desired target group response has also been clearly defined: what do we want our (future) customers to say about us? And what will it take to achieve that?

The conclusions from the brand strategy session now serve as a guideline for the implementation of all means of communication: the website, the social media channels, content creation and other contact moments that Aesthetic Solutions has with its target groups.

The ladies at Friends of the Brands were an important sparring partner in what we wanted to achieve with Aesthetic Solutions. They advised us on strategy and more important: how to implement the strategy! We were satisfied with their great and fast communication, while receiving honest advice, which is always well substantiated on the basis of their expertise!

Instagram: @mesoesthetic.benelux