Friends of the Brands offers the following six services:



As a brand it is important to build a positive relationship with your target audience. You want to reach them with a clear message and strong content so that you can leave an unforgettable impression. A brand or a company must be clear about who they are and what they do, but also about what they would like to bring to the table compared to their competitors.

During our brand strategy sessions, we create your own Brand Passport together with our brand strategists. We do this using various tools, so that afterwards you have a clear overview of who you are and what you stand for as a brand. This Brand Passport can be used as the starting point for creating strong and relevant content. Based on this, we make a creative translation into an effective visual brand strategy. We create the right look and feel in the form of image, text and tone of voice and we translate this into your website, social media channels and other communication means.



In the last past years, we have been recommending our customers about their owned social media channels. Events, collaborations with influencers and (cross media) campaigns have a direct effect on the traffic to and reach of their social media pages. It’s important for our clients to capitalize on this. We therefore advice our clients about the trends in this field, give masterclasses and manage social media accounts through earned & paid campaigns for different brands.


Friends of the Brands ensures that the core message and values of a brand are communicated to the target group in an authentic and qualitative way via the enormous international network of social influencers. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know better than anyone else how to use the power of influencer marketing as effectively as possible. We have also developed our own Influencer Rating System in which we test and categorize influencers on various points. We use this tool, combined with the experience and expertise, for various influencer marketing campaigns of our customers.


Friends of the Brands distinguishes two types of events: owned formats and tailor-made brand events.

The focus of our own event formats is always on connecting brands with different types of influential target groups and vice versa. These formats allow brands to come into direct contact with influential target groups and tell them their brand story personally. In addition, authentic partnerships can be set up directly at the events with ambassadors who have a natural connection with the brand.

In addition to the Friends of the Brands formats, we also provide tailor-made brand events. Think of a product launch or a (re) positioning of a brand. With these events we always think along with the customer from A to Z and work towards a unique and disruptive concept that suits the objectives, target group and budget.


Creating memorable experiences is what allows brands to differentiate themselves and create value. On behalf of a tourist traffic agency or a brand, Friends of the Brands organizes bespoke and customized trips, where an ultimate setting is being created for

Friends of the Brands organizes bespoke trips on behalf of a tourist traffic agency or a brand. We create an ultimate setting and total experience, where we are responsibly of every detail of the trip. All with the aim to create memorable experiences for the selected guests to generate exposure in an effective and targeted way.


Thanks to our many years of experience with brands, influential people and various successful cases, we can not only transfer our knowledge, but also ‘brand’ our talents as a person. That is why we represent a number of talents in the Netherlands and abroad in the field of social media, personal branding and influencer marketing.

We are a partner in crime for the talents we work with. We consist of an experienced team of ambitious and enthusiastic professionals who give the talents we represent personal attention and guidance where necessary. This means that we arrange everything from A-Z when we link a talent to a brand.