In recent years, the number of social influencers has increased significantly and this has only become bigger and better by popular demand from brands.



While influencer Marketing has been around for decades, it is still uncharted waters for many brands. We offer expertise guidance and execution in the constantly evolving world of influencers.

Friends of the Brands has developed a platform that uses artificial intelligence to cater to a brand’s wishes, with data as its currency. The Influencer Rating system analyses demographics, engagement, ratio real versus robot followers, mobilization power, interest areas of followers, etc. This has given us the ability to obtain and analyze data and have a deep understanding of the mechanics of influencer marketing rather than the ‘spray and pray’ tactics

We use this tool, combined with our own experiences and deep expertise, to execute influencer marketing campaigns.

It is important to Friends of the Brands that a collaboration or partnership is authentic and real. That is why an influencer marketing campaign is often the result of a follow-up of an event, where the brand and the influencers have met in person and formed a natural and organic click that guarantees a successful collaboration.