The Gift Suite is an exclusive event format created by Friends of the Brands. This edition the event is all about the top 50 Dutch female millennials, content creators, celebrities, bloggers and media. The Gift Suite offers the ultimate platform to make a personal connection with these influential women, lay the foundation for an influencer strategy, exchange valuable contact details, generate exposure, share the story behind your brand and work on your brand awareness.


On Thursday November, 21th, Friends of the Brands presented the latest trends on products, services and hotspots. The location in Amsterdam was completely transformed into a Christmas room with newness on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and gadgets. The Gift Suite – Christmas Edition offers the ultimate opportunity for brands to pamper the influencers and create one-on-one time.


Guests: Top 50 Dutch female influencers, celebrities, bloggers, journalists, media & young entrepreneurs

Total reach of The Gift Suite: 44,143,204

Total media value of The Gift Suite: €382,793

Partnership location: Grand Café Lido Amsterdam