The Gift Suite Summer – The Neon Carnival Edition is an exclusive multimedia event held by Friends of the Brands. The goal of The Gift Suite Summer – The Neon Carnival Edition is to offer the opportunity to leading brands, as well as influential Dutch women to connect with each other. How? By combining offline and online communication during a unique event for the female incrowd.


During this event, which took place on Tuesday, June 13th, Friends of the Brands presented the latest trends in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, tech and hotspots. Mondi Amsterdam was completely transformed into a true a carnival festival shopping experience with all the latest products of the hottest brands of this moment.


Guests: Top 50 Dutch female influencers, celebrities, bloggers, journalists, media & young entrepreneurs

Total reach of The Gift Suite: 34,492,004

Total media value of The Gift Suite: €332,700

Partnership location: Mondi Amsterdam