To generate more awareness for Wella New Wave, we have created the impressive ‘Wella New Wave Touch-up Truck’ in collaboration. We have organized this brand activation from A to Z based on the needs and wishes of the market. This brand activation offers the opportunity to connect with your target group in a personal, authentic and memorable way.


At Dance Valley, festival visitors could visit Wella New Wave for an extensive touch-up, so they could dance completely ‘on fleek’ all day and night. Professional stylists styled the hair of all visitors into a festival look. In addition, as a visitor you could capture your ‘New Wave’ look on the Klikkie photo booth.

By coming up with this interactive brand activation, Wella New Wave’s target group was able to get to know the brand in an unforgettable way. Visitors to the ‘Touch-Up Truck’ were given the products to take home. This ‘tryvertising’ (try-before-you-buy advertising) works effectively to encourage the target group to purchase the products.


Number of festival visitors: 60,000

Invited influencers: 8

Total Influencer reach: 1,619,100

Total media value: €26,000

Location: Dance Valley