Friends of the Brands connects brands with influential targets groups in Europe and beyond to realize brand objectives.

Influencer marketing

Thanks to our many years of experience in organizing exclusive national and international events, we know like no one else how to effectively implement the power of influencer marketing.

Friends of the Brands enables brands to authentically spread their story through a widespread network of leading social influencers, enabling them to target millions of people worldwide.

By means of exclusive events we bring leading social influencers into contact with a wide range of brands. This means we have a large and diverse network when it comes to both brands and influencers, which continues to grow. Friends of the Brands facilitates a personal and durable connection between the right parties and does so with passion and dedication, also for your brand.
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Through our two innovative and proven to be successful event formats The Gift Suite and Like My Brand we create the ideal environment to connect one-on-one with a…

carefully selected group of leading social influencers.

We offer the most efficient and accessible way to build a personal relationship with them. As soon as there is a real match between brand and influencer, the relationship is further developed in close collaboration with the brand. Practice shows that this approach makes it possible to target millions of consumers right in the heart by using the engagement of social influencers.

Friends of the Brands also sets out targeted publicity trajectories for third parties: from product launches to in-store events to red carpet awards… each tailored to product and brand.
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Every marketer knows that cold advertisements no longer tempt consumers. Consumers want to feel, smell and taste before they decide to actually purchase.

In the battle for the consumer’s attention within the B2C-branche tryvertising, or targeted sampling by means of a goodiebag, offers the perfect solution.

Being a pioneer in the field of tryvertising, Friends of the Brands carefully composes luxurious goodiebags that consist of full-sized products tailored to each occasion. By these means the consumer is able try the product or service in real life and base his/her purchasing decision on his/her own experience.

Goodiebags can be used as marketing tool, sales tool, for sampling and other promotional purposes… but also as last moment of contact with your target group during an event.

We provide around 50.000 goodiebags on a yearly basis, among which for Pathé’s Ladies Night de Luxe.
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